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Fast Facts: Psoriasis


This book is aimed at the whole primary care team, trainee dermatologists, and established dermatologists and rheumatologists who need a quick refresher.

It provides the busy practitioner with 108 pages of practical information on all aspects of this increasingly treatable disease. Now in its third edition, this comprehensive handbook embraces the full spectrum of the disease, from localized plaques to generalized disease and psoriatic arthritis.

ISBN No 978-1-903734-03-2

Publisher Health Press
Price: 15.00
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From Arsenic to Biologicals


Barbara S Baker 2008. This book is a chronological description of how the unravelling of the mechanisms underlying psoriasis have led to a change from the empirical "try it and see" treatments of the 19th and early 20th centuries to the evidence-based treatments of the present day.
The book describes the various theories proposed to explain psoriasis and the introduction of new treatments, decade by decade, throughout the 20th century. These range from the belief that psoriasis resulted from an internal metabolic disturbance in the 19th century, when arsenic was the systemic treatment of choice, through to the 21st century when the recognition that psoriasis was a disease of the immune system enabled the development and use of therapeutic biological agents.
This book would be of interest to individuals with psoriasis, dermatologists or skin researchers, or anyone studying the history of medicine.

ISBN No 978-0-955-16032-5

Publisher Garner Press
Price: 15.99
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Managing Arthritis Pain


Jo Clough 2006 - Arthritis is a major cause of pain and affects as many as nine million people in the UK. Symptoms include pain that can range from mild and occasional to severe and persistent. This book outlines a comprehensive series of strategies to combat and control all these different types and severities of pain.

ISBN No 1-85959-122-1

Publisher Class Publishing
Price: 16.00

Psoriasis at your fingertips


T Mitchell and R Penzer 2005 - Everything you wanted to know about psoriasis written in a clear and logical style. It answers those questions you forgot to ask your GP and it is full of suggestions to help you manage your psoriasis.

ISBN No 1-85959-117-5

Publisher Class Publishing
Price: 15.00

Psoriatic Arthritis the facts


Dafna Gladman and Vinod Chandran - 2009. This book is dedicated to bringing the facts about psoriatic arthritis to the general public. It is intended primarily for patients with psoriatic arthritis, their relatives and caregivers, but it will also be of interest to health care professionals who encounter patients with psoriatic arthritis.

ISBN No 978-0-19-923122-5

Publisher Oxford University Press
Price: 15.00

Understanding Complementary Medicine


Complementary medicine is a term that covers many unrelated therapies. The purpose of this book is to provide a brief impartial overview of each of the more frequently used therapies that are included within the broad term "complementary medicine".

ISBN No 1-903474-05-1

Publisher A Family Doctor Publication published in Association with the British Medical Association
Price: 3.15
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